Mark Cowardin’s work begins with observations of the absurd in relation to the intersection of us and Nature, shedding light on the extreme beauty that ironically exists in some of our most conspicuous forms of consumption. Illustrative of this irony, Just Passing Through embodies a dependency on the grid, yet a clear imitation of natural phenomena. Inspired by skyscapes and sunsets, colors immerse us in an implied serenity. Constructed with base building materials, ladders and lights, Just Passing Through is a merging of built environments, and allusions to mythologies and biblical tellings. Mobility limited by reliance on the electrical outlets as well as the length of their cords calls attention to not only our dependence on nature, but also the impact of our presence. The sculptures in this exhibition are imbued with levity and joy, but in truth, each work is under the tremendous stress of its own creation. Like all things created with the brightest intentions of humankind, it too will someday buckle.

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