Armin Mühsam


My work focuses on the changing and changed landscape, particularly the face of nature as altered by human intervention. As I see it, technology writes or draws into a landscape just like an artist would draw on a sheet of paper - through and with technology forms are assembled and manipulated to compose a kind of environment that suits man's needs.

Our culture's assumption about technology is that it represents humanity's evolutionary adaptability and that it ultimately helps to create a better world. Yet it is obvious that this comes at a high price - the irreversible destruction of nature. Surrounded by machines and concrete structures all our senses are being shaped by this artificial environment: what we see, what we touch, how and what we think. Paradoxically, however, the more we are enclosed by it, the less we notice that we lose touch with the natural, unmediated world.

My paintings attempt to visualize this paradox. They are executed like traditional landscape paintings, deliberately seducing the viewer with the "beauty" of technological architecture. These landscapes are completely and deliberately artificial, consisting of basic parts drawn from a pool of man-made elements such as dikes, tunnels, excavation holes, roads and foundation walls.

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