Del Harrow


Del Harrow lives and works in Fort Collins, CO with his wife, potter Sanam Emami and their son, William. He is an Associate Professor at Colorado State University where he teaches Sculpture, Digital Fabrication, and Ceramics. His work has been exhibited recently at The Milwaukee Art Museum, The Denver Art Museum, The Arizona State University Art Museum, The Museum of Fine Art in Boston. His work is in the permanent collection of the Arizona State University Art Museum and he recently completed a permanent installation for US State Department for a new Embassy in Nuevo Laredo Mexico.

Del Harrow's current studio practice consists of two activities: the production/fabrication of objects from a range of materials, and then, a sustained investigation of these objects by way of successive experiments with strategies for placement, arrangement, and organization.

Individual objects emerge from a confluence of form, material and process. Many sculptures begin as digital models – employing computer software as a tool for generating abstract form. As material culture an objects’ subtle textures and marks contain and reveal information about methods of fabrication – manual or mechanized production – and by extension the scale of economy, culture, and the objects meaning within it.

Objects within an installation are built on a range of scales – of objects, furniture, architectural fragments – creating a composite scale/space, shifting between the miniature, the architectural interior, and the landscape.

Installations borrow organizational strategies from both art historical compositions and vernacular spaces: game fields, farms, domestic interiors, forests. These spaces share abstract forms: planes, mesh-works, surfaces, and hierarchies. Like a mathematical model or interior architecture, the installation is a diagrammatic construction built within the gallery.

Solo Exhibitions

2019 A Head is just a Ball with Eyes, Haw Contemporary Crossroads, Kansas City, MO (details)

2016 Equivalent Volumes, California College of Art, Oakland, CA

2015 CoLab, Montavallo State University Art Gallery, Montavallo, AL

2014 Breath, Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO (details)

2013 A Sympathy Between Forms, Harvey Meadows Gallery, Aspen, CO

2012 Machine Botany, Ohio University, Athens, OH

2012 Aggregating Volumes/Gradient Fields, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

2011 Indexing Oceans, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2010 Fluid Geometry, Material Topology, Shades of Grey, Dolphin Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2009 Beaver Dams and Baroque Space, Urban Institute for Contemporary Art; Grand Rapids, MI

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Vaso Vasorum, Peters Projects, Santa Fe, NM

2018  Sans Le Mains, Foundation Bernardaud, Limoges, France

2018 Container Garden, US Department of State, Art in Embassies, Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (permanent installation)

2018 Copper Sky, Woodside Village Apartment Building, Kansas City, MO (permanent installation)

2017  Containers and Conduits, Harvey Meadows Gallery, Aspen, CO

2017  Tied up Drawn Down, Center for Craft Creativity and Design, Asheville, NC

2016  Contemporary Clay, Western Carolina University, NC

2016  Light and Shadow, Harvey Meadows Gallery, Aspen, CO

2016  Beyond the Object: 72nd Scripps Ceramics Annual, Claremont, CA

2015 Architecture of Touch, Haw Contemporary, Kansas City, MO (details)

2015 The Object in Flux, Museum of Fine Art, Boston, Boston, MA

2015 Continuum of Innovation, Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA

2015 Making Through Algorithms, Tyler Contemporary, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia,PA

2014 Flow, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI

2013 Crafting a Continuum: re-thinking Contemporary Craft, Arizona State University Art Museum

2013 The Sum of Its Parts, Santa Fe Clay, Santa Fe, NM

2013 Elemental, Northern Clay Center, Minneapolis, MN

2013 Earth Moves: Shifts in Ceramic Art and Design, The Arvada Center, Arvada, CO

2011 Overthrown, The Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO

2011 Elastic Authenticity, Morean Art Center, Tampa, FL

2011 Push, The Dolphin Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2009 The Margins, The Icehouse Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

2009 On The Verge: Contemporary Ceramics In The U.S., Ulrich Museum of Art; Wichita State University, Wichita, KS

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