Lori Nix


Lori Nix (American, b.1969) is a photographer who is best known for her meticulously constructed subject matter. Nix was born in Norton, KS, and attended college at Ohio University, where she studied ceramics and photography. Nix and her co-creator, Kathleen Gerber, painstakingly, hand-construct in miniature, the set and scenery. Nix uses various methods of lighting, scale, and materials to recreate visions she has for her photos. Her greatest influences include Caspar David Friedrich (German, 1774–1840) and Thomas Cole (American, 1801–1848).

Nix is influenced by styles of Romanticism, the sublime, and Abstract Expressionism. Her earliest project, Accidentally Kansas, began in the 1990s. Nix went on to work on Lost and The City, which is a depiction of a city that no longer has any human inhabitants. Nix has a fascination with disaster type scenarios and often incorporates such scenarios into her work, while including a snippet of humor. She is also a photographer for numerous magazines, such as O and Glamour UK.

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